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New blog for The Many Faces of Greg Houston

Hi y’all,

I created this fun blog of my comical cartoon faces. Go here to brighten up your day. Please suggest new faces and I will be happy to add and credit your name.

The Many Faces of Greg Houston Tumblr Blog

The Many Faces of Greg Houston Tumblr Blog

Have a good one,


Gordon the Entertainer

I did this illustration for my talented friend, Gordon the Magician.  He wanted something fun and lively to match his personality without the usual magician trademarks. I even added his cow hide pants into the sketch. You can visit Gordon’s link here:

Gordon The Entertainer Illustration

New Blog Makeover.

Got the energy to get my website revamped with a spiffy new template. Still a few kinks to work out, especially that it doesn’t work in IE 6, the bane of many web designers. This site is a compendium of artwork, my thoughts and other Greg related artifacts. I liked to think of it as my sounding board for new side projects as well as reflections on the past.