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Loonie the Loon Animation.

This film was done as a promotional piece for the community portal, The animation was animated entirely in After Affects. Loonie talks about the website, its advantages and features for members wanting to become Canadians.  The film was animated and timed in both English and French. Voice work in English done by Brad Smith. French version by Philippe Desmarais.

In English:

En Français:

Yes, You Can Become a Canadian!

YES! You Can Become a Canadian! ( is a Flash based trivia game on Canadian culture. Trivia ranges from beginner to expert levels. The animated game is hosted by the LoonLounge’s mascot, Loonie. Topics include Canadian history, geography, politics and Canadian culture. You will have to become a member of the loonlounge community in order to play the game.

Click image to access game:

Yes, You Can Become a Canadian Trivia Game.

Yes, You Can Become a Canadian Trivia Game.

Be A Canadian Assessment Tool

Be a Canadian is an interactive questionnaire to help users evaluate their chances of being accepted into Canada. It selects the best immigration class for the user according to their answers and background.

Click image to access tool:

Be A Canadian Interactive Questionaire by Greg Houston

Be A Canadian Interactive Questionaire by Greg Houston

The Virtual Canada Explorer

I developed this interactive map of Canada for a popular immigration website.  It dynamically displays statistics of all the provinces and major cities. Statistics include: major industries, earnings, cost of housing, cost of living, cultural communities and population size.

Click here to access tool:

Canada Explorer by Greg Houston

Canada Explorer by Greg Houston

The Dirt on Dogs

This is a fun little film that I made for the National Film Board of Canada. The film was animated in Flash and co-directed with Sheldon Cohen.  The concept was to do a film with a checklist of things you need to ask yourself before getting a dog. Music was composed by Zander Ary. The movie is part of a dog run theme portal at  Flash is required to view the movie below.

Moose of La Mancha

This film was directed by Sheldon Cohen and produced by PMA Productions.  I used After Effects and Flash for the final animation. This story is about an unusual cast of characters trying out for the lead roles in the famous Broadway play, Man of La Mancha.  Set to the ever-popular theme song ‘The Impossible Dream’ by Allan Jones.

Here is the opening to the film, approx. 30 secs.


This is my first Flash animation. I’m still fond of it for its simplicity and straight forward premise. This film was also showcased on the website: Lunchbox was written, animated and produced by Greg Houston.

Behind the Music That Sucks (NSFW)

Commission for


Unleashed is a fun rock video parody of Dogs turning on their masters. The music is based on U2, with Zander Ary doing a terrific Bono impression. Concept was created by Sheldon Cohen. Animation was done completely in Flash. Click the start button in the bottom right corner of the animation.

Yet I Blame Hollywood.

This was the pilot I developed for Copie Zero. They eventually sold it to Zed TV. This series was created and written by Dave Stewart with studio direction by Campbell Webster.