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Sheldon Cohen

Animated Stories, Sheldon Cohen.

In 2005, I  animated some sequences for the film “Animated Stories, The Sheldon Cohen Collection”.  I decided to mix real life  photography with my animation to give it a nice cut-out look. Some movie samples are below. You will need Flash to view them.

[flv:Sheldon1.flv 360 270]

[flv:Sheldon2.flv 360 270]

Office Foreplay

Office Foreplay

Add two teaspoons of unadulterated insanity, combine one cup of finely diced office chowder and a pinch of gratuitous nudity. Strain mixture through office cubicle and blend ingredients from nine to five, use overtime if necessary. Final result should be a hilarious animated glimpse into the inner workings of a high-tech workplace. Post-production by Philippe Desmarais.

[flv:office.flv 360 240]

Phil Karew

Phil Karew. Episode 1 and 2.

Phil Karew:

An oldie but a goldie. This is my third year animation film from University.  Premise is simple enough. An eccentric teenager living in the dysfunctional town of Littlecrock describes his life story in under 4 mins. This film was done entirely under the camera using paint on cell. Over a thousand images were painstakingly painted over a period of a few months. Warning, full frontal “cartoon” nudity ahead.

Voices & Sound design by Brad Smith. Backgrounds by Ben Boucher.

[flv:Phil_karew.flv 360 240]

Phil Karew 2 (The Interview):

Watch Phil Karew as he swaggers and guffaws his way through a television interview, gets eaten by wild animals, dunked in asian lavatories and torn apart in brutal finale.

Voices & Sound design by Brad Smith & Ben Boucher. Co-written by Brad Smith and Ben Boucher. Post Production by Philippe Desmarais. Co-producer, Philippe Desmarais

[flv:The_interview.flv 360 240]

Salt & Pepper

Salt & Pepper

Salt & Pepper was the only chosen film from Quebec in the National Maple Shorts competition held by the CBC. In this Flash film, Salt tries to explain to Pepper how important salt is. Voice work by Brad Smith,  original song by Itsik Romano and co-written by Philippe Desmarais and Brad Smith.