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Little Pixie illustration

This little pixie girl was sketched entirely in Flash using the pen tool. Vector drawing is my new favorite way to draw and be super precise. What better way to make rounded curves and straight lines that don’t wiggle when your fine liner pen conks out.

Pixie Sketch

Colt & Vigers Caricature

Colt and Vigers Caricatures for Mike Rien’s Colt and Vigers show.

Colt and Vigers

Colt and Vigers

New blog for The Many Faces of Greg Houston

Hi y’all,

I created this fun blog of my comical cartoon faces. Go here to brighten up your day. Please suggest new faces and I will be happy to add and credit your name.

The Many Faces of Greg Houston Tumblr Blog

The Many Faces of Greg Houston Tumblr Blog

Have a good one,


Gordon the Entertainer

I did this illustration for my talented friend, Gordon the Magician.  He wanted something fun and lively to match his personality without the usual magician trademarks. I even added his cow hide pants into the sketch. You can visit Gordon’s link here:

Gordon The Entertainer Illustration